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Dental restoration

Dental restorations with helio-fillings fillings is a minimally invasive method for improving the health and aesthetics of teeth. Dental tissue is protected as much as possible by removing only the damaged tissue, old fillings and crumbling edges. The teeth are then filled and covered with a durable, aesthetic coating, resulting in a better tooth shape and appearance.

It is important to restore all tooth wear. If the lateral teeth become shorter, without bumps, they wear away faster and the front teeth may change their position.

In order to maintain the shape of the acquired teeth for as long as possible it is recommended to use an individually made dental mouthguard at night and during sports.

The restoration lasts depending on the dental care and the load. People who tend to grind their teeth or bite tightly run the risk of restorations wearing off or breaking on chewing surfaces.

Timely dental restorations can prolong the life of the teeth. If the shape of the teeth is restored correctly the teeth in the future will be wearing out less, and the youthful appearance will last longer.

Dental restorations require special care. Always clean your teeth with soft toothbrushes and use non-abrasive toothpastes for sensitive teeth.

Once a year it is recommended to polish restorations in the dentist's office with special pastes and polishers.

If a piece from the restoration is broken it can be repaired with a filling.

Dental restorationPrice, 
Total tooth restoration200-350-450

The use of helium fillings can prevent teeth from small dental defects. Depending on the situation we can offer the best option for you:

• restore little worn tooth, or tooth with worn edges;
• fill out small and large gaps;
• restore he tooth corners and even the whole tooth crown portion;
• remove color pigment spots on teeth;
• Conceal small teeth cavities

Zobu restaurācija ar helioplombēm

By using nano-hybrid composite filling materials we are able to dental restauration completely invisible.