Dental hygiene

Every person is recommended to visit professional dental hygienist at least two times a year. During the dental hygiene the dentist will remove both, hard and soft, dental plaque and polish the teeth with a special fluoride toothpaste. At the end of the procedure the dentist puts fluoride gel on the teeth to strengthen tooth enamel. 

Teeth hygiena Price, 
Tartar removal with ultrasound and manual curettes 50,00 – 60,00


After the dental hygiene procedure the teeth are completely clean and smooth, and easier to take care after. Because of these procedures it is possible to avoid gum and bone retreating and inflammation. Regular visits to the dentist, performing hygiene procedures and taking care of your teeth at home may prevent you from new lesions. I addition the dentist will consult you on dental care and give you recommendations on how to clean your teeth in order to avoid the formation of plaque.

Dr. Signe Mālmane : 

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