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Teeth whitening

Over the years the color of the teeth becomes darker because of the foods we eat, drinks we drink, smoking and it also may be the consequence of tooth nerve inflammation. But thanks to teeth whitening we can fully or partly recover the original color of your teeth, or get them even whiter. Professional teeth whitening services can be performed in an office setting or prescribed for take-home use by a patient.

We offer:

Teeth whitening in the office setting. It is a procedure when teeth are processed with whitening gel, designed exclusively for use in the dentist’s office. The tooth, near the gums area, is isolated with a special gel. In order to gain better and faster results, the whitening is done with a halogen lamp.

Inanimate teeth whitening - It is a procedure when the affect is achieved by drilling a whole in the inanimate tooth from the inside and bleaching the tooth tissues by inserting a whitening gel in the tooth, which is later on activated with a halogen lamp.

Teeth whitening at home with nightcaps - by taking imprints of your teeth and creating individual caps you can whiten your teeth at home. You have to spread the whitening gel that is designed specifically for whitening at home in the caps and put them in before going to bed. You can get very good results by repeating the procedure several times.

After teeth whitening your teeth may become a bit more sensitive, but that is normal and temporary. You can minimize this effect, teeth sensitivity, by using a special fluorine-containing gel.

Teeth whitening
One tooth whitening in the office setting40 EUR
Tooth internal bleeching one session60 EUR
Teeth whitening at home with whitening caps150 EUR
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