Dental services Price
Consultation 20-30 EUR
Anesthesy 10 EUR
Dental X-ray (digital) 10 EUR
Seals with Helio fillings 50-80 EUR
Total tooth restoration  200 -300 EUR
Aesthetic tooth coating 120-150 EUR
Treatment for tooth with one root canal 100 EUR
Treatment for tooth with two root canals 120 EUR
Treatment for tooth with three root canals 150 EUR
Treatment for tooth with four root canals 170 EUR
Temporary crown (plastic) 35 EUR
Metal-ceramic crown/ ceramic crown 300 EUR
Metal crown (casted) 270 EUR
Ceramic crown on Zirconia base 400 EUR
Ceramic veneers 400 EUR
Ceramic crown 400 EUR
Metal inlay 120 EUR
Fiberglass pin 30 EUR
Ceramic crown on Zirconia base on implant 550 EUR
Removable dentures 120-500 EUR
Teeth surgery
Tooth extraction 20-50 EUR
Extraction of the 8th tooth 50-100 EUR
Implants no 500 EUR
Dental implant denudation 80 EUR
Sinus lift 700 EUR
Artificial bone extension 500-700 EUR
Teeth hygiene 
Tartar removal with ultrasound and manual curettes       
50 EUR
Teeth whitening 
One tooth whitening in the office setting 40 EUR
Teeth whitening at home with whitening caps 150 EUR