Signe Mālmane

  • Certified dentist;
  • Graduated the Latvian Academy of Medicine in 1994, acquiring a diploma in dentistry;
  • 25 year of experience in a wide range of dentist’s work;
  • Constantly improves her skills and knowledge in dentistry;
  • Participates in various seminars and courses for dentists.

Specializes in:

  • Canal treatment with profiles;
  • Creating dentures on implants with different implant systems;
  • Restoring occlusal height with metal-ceramic, zirconium and pressed ceramic crowns, veneer.

Tatjana Stepanova

Dr.Tatjana Stepanova is certified dentist with 15 years of experience in a wide range of dentistry. Provides high quality services of endodontics, dental restorations, prosthetics, surgery, accepts patients with various dental pain.

Constantly updates her skills and knowledge in dentistry attending dental courses in Latvia and abroad.

Every client is unique that is why she has an individual, sensitive and caring approach for every client.